Miyukino film festival at Madarao kogen Nagano
please contact and get more info
e-mail : miyukino@snowcollective.com

we need people that help to building snow theater
7th to 13 th Feb.
lets make snow theater and snow lantan or decoration with us

we have film festival 13th 14th 15th of Feb

start 17:00,18:00,19:00,20:00
every program around 30min mixed 2 or 3 short film
1program 1000yen include 1 drink
under 15years old people are free without 1 drink
almost films has english subtitle

1 saami film :films from lapland
2 finishi film :films from Tampere international film festival short
film serection
3 Japanese old animation film before 50years ago
4 Japanese most newest animation films

mdarao kogen ski resort area

infomation can get from this address

contact address